Happy National Made in the USA Day!




Today is actually National Carrie Day, National Day of Celebration for Carrie, and National the ‘Carrie, Carry That’ Joke isn’t Funny Day. It’s my blog and you’re at my mercy to read through those but it’s up to you if you choose to believe any of them. : )

In all actuality it is also National I Forgot Day and I definitely did not forget my birthday or all the fun stuff I get! A Grand Slam from Denny’s and 3 Dutch Brother’s drinks later (all pink straws, mind you) Eric and I have had our fill for the moment. We’ll try to conquer Baskin and Robbins tonight after dinner.

Back to business now… The Denny’s table topper is a bit of a stretch but it was too cute and close to the holiday to let it pass by without a picture. Not exactly made in the USA, but made in Americ-ahhh is practically a cousin. I also included my Grand Slam and I for kicks and giggles.

I would have tried to wear clothes today that were products of the good ol’ USA but I’m pretty darn sure the closest factory would be in the Philippines. My clothes are cheap cheap cheap… Not exactly what made in the USA product is known for. So today I challenge you to find something that was made around here but if you don’t get around to it just say ‘I forgot’!



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