Happy National Postage Stamp Day!



In the future our grandchildren are going to ask us what ‘stamps’ are and why you had to put a 45 cent sticker in the corner of an ‘envelope’ and have someone ‘hand deliver’ your ‘letter’ to your friend. Then you’re going to take out your ancient 3-D (only, I know) iPad and point to this picture and explain that when we were kids the Postal Service was already going downhill and as much as it was a money-sucking, antiquated service we still felt like we needed it. We’ll explain that it was reassuring to know that your mail would reach you no matter wind, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail. If anything was so important, it was your letter. However, Sundays were off. And Saturdays… Eventually I believe that these Forever stamps will be forever ago and just like my mother passed on stories of the milk man part of my legacy will be the USPS.



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