Happy National Tour de France Day!



Bike riders unite for this day of celebration! I don’t think I’m wrong to title the Tour de France the most celebrated biking competition in the world, am I? So today I’ve suited up in my biking clothes (hot pink shorts, lace tee, and mirrored shades) and hopped on my flat tired Schwinn for a quick ride around the driveway.

One of my favorite summer activities is a long country backroad bike ride because it makes me feel a little better about my Taco Bell dinners and gives me some time to myself. I am one of the most leisurely paced bike riders you will ever meet and the rides are much less about getting somewhere in particular and more about wasting time. There’s something magical about the warm wind, perpetual motion, and silence that makes speaking french and writing songs especially easy. Too bad I normally forget the songs by the time I make my way back home.

However, there is one slight annoyance about country roads that I can’t quite find a way around… Whenever I cruise past the chicken farm I have to pedal with all of my might, hide my nose under my shirt, and not breathe for as long as possible, especially if the wind is blowing south. And no matter where the wind is blowing, as soon as the fields start to get worked the bugs are flying. When I say flying, I mean flying: in my mouth, down my shirt, in my hair, gripping my arms looking for a safe place to land. Since last summer I haven’t had the guts to get out there and fight the insects but I think today might be the day to brave it. Hop on your bikes and celebrate with me!



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One response to “Happy National Tour de France Day!

  1. Julie (mom)

    Ha! Ha! I totally see the bug thing. I love riding my bike but just can’t get over the bugs. They really ruin it for me. But maybe if I ride early?? Before they’re all woke up??

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