Happy National Decide to Be Married Day!



No, I’m not pointing to an engagement ring, just a ring that happens to fit particularly well on that specific romantic finger. However, if anyone got engaged in the world today, which I’m sure quite a number did, you chose a brilliant day to pop the big question! I honestly would have loved to have my special man ask me a big question like that today, and I figure he might have, if the jewelry store would ship him the darn ring! People buy engagement rings to propose, not to pay off an imaginary piece of jewelry and miss milestone national holidays that would have been perfect for engagements as well as for blogging. Rant over : )


P.s. Today was also National Happy Birthday to You Day but we’ll get back to that in 5 days when it’s my birthday! I suppose you can celebrate a little early though; presents are appreciated.



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2 responses to “Happy National Decide to Be Married Day!

  1. Julie (mom)

    What a crazy rant!! I hope things turn out positively in the near future but remember, you plan to be married for the rest of your lives so this temporary wait is a little thing.

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