Happy National Celebration of the Senses Day!



One of the best, most simple ‘would you rather?’ questions is which sense you would rather lose and which sense you would want heightened. It’s a difficult question to answer because I can’t imagine how different my life would be without the complete package of senses. And more than ‘would you rather be invisible’ or ‘would you rather speak to animals’ this one could be very real, and is for a lot of people.

I think that I would lose my sixth sense, if you count that as a legitimate sense. My sixth sense is already rather weak and I startle so easily because the hairs on the back of my neck just don’t do their job well enough. On my way into the mill this morning I was walking along, looking around, and amicably waving at fellow workers and then I turned my head slightly to the right and JUMP. Of course there was nothing startling except another worker, whom I had previously waved at a few seconds earlier. Yeah… my sixth sense should be the first to go.

To answer the second half of the question, I would prefer to heighten my hearing or taste. This one might be a tie because the hearing advantage would prove very interesting for my oboe playing – how cool would it be if I could distinguish individual cents of pitch? Would I drive myself crazy or would I become the most in-tune oboist in the world? I would hope for the second! The heightened taste would make eating a whole lot of fun but I honestly don’t eat fancy enough food to completely justify this choice. After careful deliberation I suppose I have to celebrate my ears as my favorite sense and choose them to be heightened! Plus, it will make it easier to eavesdrop, which is obviously one of my favorite pass-times.



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