Happy National Let it Go Day!

let it go


Last Friday at work I had a slight encounter with a woman who had a few misplaced words to say with me… She was complaining that a situation wasn’t fair and that I was far too lucky compared to some other workers although I honestly had nothing to do with the situation. As a simple summer hire at the absolute bottom of any imaginable food chain her comments really hit me in the gut because I have no power! Bullying me wouldn’t do any good because I can’t change anything; and I’m sure that’s why she chose me as a punching bag. Before jobs were assigned that specific powerless truth was the reason my stomach was in knots and I was so worried. I’ve always been a very deliberate, directed person and just the idea of being at people’s mercy has always been a hard thing to deal with. Needless to say when the woman walked off I shrugged my shoulders, muttered a few choice words to myself (in French, in case I was overheard), and thought that that was that. However, that wasn’t quite the end of it. That night I was restlessly chasing the woman, and her daughter, through my dreams to explain to them how misplaced her words really were. But even in my dreams there was no point and I woke up feeling just as helpless as before.

Today, however, I’m letting it go. I have to let it go – she’s not worth the trouble of fretting. She’s just a mother bear who’s a little more aggressive than most but too afraid to make a statement to a person to whom it would actually do any good. Tomorrow when I go to work I’m going to keep my head down, work hard, and enjoy my experiences. I’m glad we have a National Day to remind us how important it is to not hold grudges, to not worry overzealously, and to let things go for our own good.




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3 responses to “Happy National Let it Go Day!

  1. Mom

    Excellent plan and thoughtful expression. We cannot change others but we can change how we react.

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