Happy National Handshake Day!


My hand is outstretched to meet you and with this bizarre, civilized meeting ritual you learn very little about me but simultaneously assume a lot. For a wimpy girl like me, handshakes are a little worrysome because everyone complains that handshakes need to be a firm, strong grip that shows enthusiasm and control! I, on the other hand, believe that a handshake should be a pleasant, light touch. Just enough pressure that the handshake is firmly initiated but not enough to be weird. For heaven’s sakes, I don’t even know you! Can we please re-write social codes and install the wave as the main means of official communication? I promise you, I have mastered the wave. It’s just enough wrist flick to seem perky and fresh but the smooth side to side motion shows my professional and mature side as well. Next time we go into an interview or meet a new person at work, let’s band together and refuse the extended hand, just throw up your hand and wave instead.


P.s. It’s also National Flip Flop Day and National Skateboard Day so if you participated in either of these events, my hand is outstretched to congratulate you. Good work readers!



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2 responses to “Happy National Handshake Day!

  1. Welcome to our community of bloggers. I hope that you’ll enjoy the ride!

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