Happy World Sauntering Day!


Thank you for sauntering on over to my site, I hope that you didn’t click too hurriedly. I have to admit, I was a little surprised when I looked up the definition of sauntering, just to be sure I wasn’t leading anyone astray, that I didn’t exactly know what the word meant. I had associated the word with a type of ‘heated swagger,’ I would say. However, I’m rather incorrect and the word actually isn’t ‘swagger’ related at all. It’s actually simply to walk or stroll at a leisurely pace! Now that I can use the word correctly, I think I’ll be implementing this into my daily vocabulary.

Remember my work discussion the other day? For those of you who didn’t read, I started my job at the mill on Monday and it’s been a little frightening breaking out of my comfort zone and dreading the random draw to decide who gets what shifts. Well, said draw happened this morning and I have been praying for the last month and a half for a high number so I could choose the shift I want. The last thing I wanted, or think I could physically handle, is a graveyard shift on a mill line… and in my nightmares that was exactly what I spent the summer doing. When I pulled the number out and opened it I almost died of happiness when I saw the handwritten, circled number 1 on that silly little folded piece of paper that held so much weight. Things are looking up, they really are. And now that the major stress-inducing wait is over I can saunter downstairs to grab a soda, put my feet up, and relax.


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