Happy National Ride to Work Day (motorcycles)!

bike to work


This is a fun one for the motorcyclists in our lives who have had to watch the dust gather on their bikes through the fall, and winter, and spring, and early summer while the rain pours down. Some hard core bikers refuse to let the wet weather drown out the (annoyingly loud) vroom of their engines, but I assure you that my father is not one of those bikers. He does love his Harley to bits though. It’s currently a little under the weather and having trouble waking up from its long nap, but my padre has been working to coax it along. He even came all the way home from work one day during lunch to see if it would start – if that’s not love, I don’t know what is. That’s one lucky bike.

On my real side of life I started my summer job today and I a) cannot completely understand the mix of emotions that I experienced today, and b) am not sure what I’m allowed to say online without facing consequences. I personally think it’s a scare tactic and not worth believing that bosses read through all your social media to assess work ethic and behavior, but my parents seem to think otherwise. So to satisfy their requests, I will say that 1) it was a very, very new experience, 2) this week holds immense power for my summer destiny and I cannot express how much I want to figure all that information out this very second, and 3) I have decided that I have getting-my-arm-chopped-off-in-mill-equipment-so-i-can’t-play-the-oboe-anymore-phobia. And yes, that phobia is increasingly real in my life. More about my mill-working adventure to come… Enjoy your holiday and ride your Harley!



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