Happy National Father’s Day!



This one is a no-brainer, it’s Father’s Day! Who couldn’t love this mustache-clad, handsome man? I do declare, if your parents’ looks are a clue to what’s to come I could be doing a whole lot worse. : ) He’s a golfer, an amateur yard master, and pretty darn good at anything he gets his hands on. Tiling the bathroom upstairs? No problem, he can figure it out. New engine junk in his pickup? Just one Youtube tutorial and he’s ready to go. Knowing the name of a guy he went to high school with when we buy a fridge from him on Craigslist? Let’s just pull out the yearbooks to prove it! You rock, dad!

Another holiday to celebrate is National Fudge Day! A few weeks ago we shouted fudge at some cobras and today we’re making it. I found a recipe for Cake Batter Fudge to get in the spirit on Pinterest, which is actually a link to a blogger, but the result was a little questionable. Part of it may be my ability to have less than wonderful results on a very consistent basis. No matter what I’m making, scrambled eggs, quiche, pasta, pie, it doesn’t end with a ‘roll my eyes back, heart fluttering, yummmm,’ but it normally isn’t a full-fledged disaster either. I suppose it could be a worse food curse.


The Result

The recipe was incredibly simple: Yellow Cake, butter, milk, powdered sugar. And I only had to use a microwave too, but somehow it didn’t end up as perfect as the picture. As delicious as it tasted, it’s literally dense, buttery cake, the texture didn’t quite stand up. It was actually the consistency of cookie dough, which is slightly unnerving when it doesn’t taste like cookie dough…


The Intention


Oh well, it was a good effort, and I’m sure I will still make myself sick eating too much of it. Enjoy your fudge, enjoy your fathers, and celebrate because every day is a holiday!



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