Happy National Official Queen’s Birthday




Today isn’t a national holiday for us Americans but our friendly world leaders have something to celebrate! In England every year there is an official Queen’s birthday between May and June that is the official day to celebrate the birthday of the queen. It’s not the birthday of the Official Queen, it’s the Official Birthday of the Queen – yes I understand the opportunity for the confusion.

One of the things I’m most excited about for being home this summer is having the opportunity to really take initiative and celebrate. Taking part in odd holidays every day is a whole lot easier with a Target 5 minutes away. And in today’s case having an oven was pretty much a must for the act of making the Queen a cake. Can you imagine how terrible my cake would be cooked in my tiny toaster oven? I think my small group was pleased with the lack of toaster oven involvement. In other news, another summer activity I’m looking forward to is being in town for our church small group bible studies. After a 30 minute discussion we sit and chat for 2 more hours and I learn a lot about some wonderful people. Okay, enough gushing – back to the Queen.

Happy Birthday Queenie! I wish you good health and celebration for your official day. Sorry you couldn’t make it to our birthday party for you, but trust me, we enjoyed your cake!



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