Happy National Loving Day!



There was, and still is, so much to love about today!…

I am loving that I am home for the summer! I am going to be loving home cooked meals, a stocked fridge, and free laundry amenities downstairs. I am definitely loving the end of a year dating long-distance. I will not be loving, but will definitely be re-boosted for, the next year of long distance after the summer. I was not loving the torrential downpour thunder storms this afternoon upon moving out but I was loving closing my empty dorm room door and opening a full car door instead. Have I not mentioned how much I am loving how my jury level change went this afternoon? My reed was loving me, my scales went flawlessly (which I absolutely was loving), and my solo piece was kick-ass. Sometimes hard work does pay off, and that’s something to always be loving.


I hope everyone loved how their day turned out, someone in it, or anything at all… A little love can do a lot of good.



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