Happy National Iced Tea Day!

iced tea


Ahhh, now we officially enter the most wonderful time of the year – summer! Some people pretend that it’s winter and Christmas time but we all know the truth. The sun, the sandals, the shorts, and the sweet iced tea make hearts flutter and fly! Of course there are too-hot days where sweaty t-shirts stick to sunburned skin and all that terrible nonsense, but I figure it’s absolutely worth the positive aspects of summer!

So today my beau and I sat in my cute little silver Honda Accord with the windows rolled down sipping on iced tea with a gentle breeze blowing cotton across the dashboard. Magic, I tell you, magic. And the crisp refreshing taste tops it all off like it was made for summer. If only it was National Sun Tea Day, I would probably die and go to heaven. I can’t wait for sun tea on the porch to begin again so I can sip on the official drink of summer!



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