Happy National Drive-In Movie Day!

drive inHello!

So technically this holiday belongs to yesterday by blog standards, but by celebration standards we were in full-fledged drive-in movie mode right on time! As you can see, a) my photoshop skills are not superb, b) I actually used the terrible Microsoft Paint program, and c) we had to ‘make our own’ drive in. It was a lovely evening with some friends: We ate some snacks, chatted, obviously watched a movie (Ferris Bueler’s Day Off), and then scurried on home. We watched the movie on a tiny little screen in the distance like in real life (aka. my laptop)!

I hope at least someone out there managed to make it to a real drive-in… they sure are a nice treat! But for poor, busy, transportation-less college students on a Thursday night, this was a pretty darn good alternative!



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