Happy National Doughnut Day!

donut day


It’s doughnut day! Yummm! This morning I grabbed my free Voodoo doughnut from Portland State Vikings for wearing green and showing some school pride! I think it’s a pretty swell idea to encourage school spirit, but I definitely didn’t choose this sweater for that reason – I just thought it was cute and luckily also served that purpose.

So if you know anything at all about Portland, you know Voodoo Doughnuts… and if you don’t know about them, they’re a tiny, obnoxious hippy doughnut shop that has pretty decent, weirdly named and shaped vegan doughnuts. Now, Food Network and word of mouth will tell you that it’s a must-eat attraction and all that nonsense, but I have to break it to you – it’s really not worth it. The insane lines, the snooty staff… I can avoid both of these things with a simple trip to Safeway bakery and get just the same maple bar.

donutEnough of that rant… So I grabbed my doughnut and said thank you, it was actually the last doughnut they had left, and the girl said, “This is hot chocolate, is that okay?” And I responded, “Sure! Doesn’t matter to me!” and in my head I was really thinking , ‘what is the difference between chocolate and hot chocolate? Frothy milkiness?’ Then sure enough I start chowing down and realize it’s a hot chocolate doughnut… ohhh that changes things! Trust me, it was not a very pleasant pastry experience! I want my sugar based foods to be sweet!

I hope everyone gets a little treat and eats a doughnut today! And if that’s not your preferred way to break a diet, it’s also National Banana Split day, today through Sunday! Enjoy!


Oh, and how could I forget Lindsey day! Shout out to a very very happy birthday for a very very good friend! ; )


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  1. Reblogged this on USA Zorro Press and commented:
    Give me one of they are organic! I don’t want palmitate, coconut tree nuts in it though, powerful GMO’s with hundreds of names that are toxins and poisons in most foods especially processed foods and products.

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