Happy National Running Day!



Okay… these National Holidays are kicking my butt. Running? Seriously? I absolutely refuse. More than No Socks Day, I mean, I refuse. For one thing, it’s like 80 degrees outside, and where I was wearing sweaters and scarves a week ago, I haven’t quite acclimated to the sudden shift towards heatwave. Secondly, I have been metaphorically running all day! Theory–> practice session–> band–> french–> Europe studies–> Pioneer Square birthday present hunting… Now I’m off to dinner and Orchestra! I call that running for sure. And thirdly, and most importantly: I don’t run. I don’t sweat. I don’t work out. I don’t exercise. I don’t do sports. I mean, for Pete’s sake, I’m breathing hard after two flights of stairs! So anyone else, feel free to celebrate, get up, get active, and all that nonsense, but I will be working my bum off playing the Rite of Spring tonight; and once again, just to be clear, I repeat: I don’t run.


p.s. Sorry about the webcam pic, again. (Quite a few, recently… But again I say: I don’t run!)


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