Happy National Do-Dah Day (Salute to Silliness Day)!

Salute to Silliness!


It’s the day we all secretly dream about – it’s Do-Dah Day, also known as Salute to Silliness Day. Don’t you feel the social pressure lifting? The responsibility to cling to normalcy has vanished! Today we can live out Dr. Seuss inspired craziness, make faces at our enemies, and giggle like no one’s business. Birmingham had their municipal festival titled Do-Dah day in mid March and I recommend we take a cue from them, the experienced D0-Dah-ers: puppies in costumes, goats in bandannas, face paint galore! Ahh, the silliness.

I think I’ll have to take it down a notch in the ‘real’, slightly less celebratory world but I will find as many opportunities as I can to whip out my collection of terrible puns and silly song while I surprise everyone with my not-so-normal hidden alter-ego (which I have to admit is quite a bit different than my usual, very normal self). In the mean time, I suppose some funny faces will get you into the Do-Dah spirit? Everyone salute!




P.s. You know how many times I incorrectly spelled Do-Dah? Just there, actually! We’ll see if I fixed all of them by the end.



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