Happy National Leave the Office Early Day!

leave early


So technically I didn’t leave classes early by my own rebellious ambition, but I am home free almost 2 hours early because the term is on its way to wrapping up. But let’s be honest, it’s getting to that point where I probably would have convinced myself to skip my last ‘class’ anyway. “Boring Carrie, you’re doing the right thing… You’ve already written the group presentation, you’re great at improvising speeches, let’s go for a walk instead” to which I would have responded enthusiastically with, “Okay, Fun Carrie!”

Very rarely does Fun Carrie win my internal debates but I have a sneaking suspicion that today would have been the day! It’s so nice to be seeing the blue skies again, as we should in June. Today is beyond exciting because even counting the lesser half that is left of this beautiful day, I only have 10 more days until I move back to Albany, start my summer job, and can officially close Long Distance Part 1, to be continued next September. Ahh, life is looking up. For anyone who’s feeling a bit stressed by the end of the term instead of liberated, it’s time to give yourself a breath of fresh air before you dive back in! Leave the office early today and enjoy it because I’m sure that there will be a lot more late nights at the office to even everything out in the end; and it’s a holiday which should be reason enough.



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