Happy World No Tobacco Day!

no tobacco


In my opinion, one of the meanest things that a person can do is blow their cigarette smoke onto a person’s icecream cone; and yes that has happened to me; and no I have not been able to forgive this rude, smoking stranger! If you happen to be that stranger I’m sorry for calling you out in front of the entire world but I hope you learn your lesson.

Anyway, today’s holiday isn’t actually special for me because I don’t smoke, chew, or whatever other verb you use for tobacco products; I never have and probably never will. It’s not even so much a moral thing… I just don’t want to. I suppose that’s part of the reason I’ve never been a rebellious person, I’m perfectly content to just live within the lines and follow the rules – it’s not worth it to do anything crazy or stupid. So here we come to the point where I have to attempt to explain this picture… Yes, this is my attempt to ‘pretend smoke’. I don’t actually know how you hold a cigarette but this is as close as I can come to copying coy, seductive mistresses in smoky lounges. : P

Finally, and probably most importantly, it’s also National What You Think Upon Grows Day. So I hope that anyone who wants to quit, or doesn’t want to start, smoking can plant a seed in their head that will give them strength over time to beat the addiction. Do it for your lungs, do it for your family, and most importantly do it for yourselves. Le’ts be tobacco free!


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  1. Julie Buchert

    Very interesting!

    Julie Buchert Sent from my iPhone

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