Happy National Loomis Day!



Today was another holiday that required some investigating and thanks again to my good friend Wikipedia, I know what to celebrate! Loomis day is in honor of Mahlon Loomis, an American dentist and inventor, who is the earliest inventor of wireless communication, with a patent for it in 1872. I had no idea that we were creating advanced, wireless technology twenty years before the Sierra Club was founded to protect and explore wildlife (see the recent holiday post)! Doesn’t that seem slightly out of order to you? Shouldn’t we have explored everything before we are able to explore connections wirelessly? Let’s do the easy things first!

Interesting tidbit about Loomis’ amazing discovery – his patent actually had no schematic designs of how to create this new wireless connection, rather he simply suggested the notion of using atmospheric electricity… somehow. And there’s a possibility that his work is fraudulent and he nearly quoted William Henry Ward’s patent of a similar idea from three months earlier. Hmmm… Maybe he’s not all he’s cracked up to be! I suppose if you make a trip to the Library of Congress anytime soon you can flip through Loomis’ notebooks and decide for yourself.

In the mean time, I take this moment to applaud the man who may or may not have gotten the ball rolling so that I can have an iPhone today. Sure, my phone is outdated and it doesn’t even have the stupid front camera on it, but it’s still lightyears ahead of where we were in 1872. So thanks Loomis, even if you are a fraud; this picture wouldn’t be possible without you!



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  1. Julie (mom)

    Again, my darling daughter, youse me chortle out loud! Happy day.

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