Happy National Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day!

pillow on fridge


If you’re an average Joe like me, which I have to assume that you are, you must be scratching your heads along with me for this one… My goodness, why would I ever put a pillow on my fridge except to celebrate a national holiday? Turns out, it brings good luck and wealth to your household! Alright, I can handle that. I sure wouldn’t mind having some good luck with finals, move out, and my jury right around the corner, but heavens knows that I can always use some wealth! With the price of school skyrocketing every year (another 5% raise by next fall), the extremely high cost of living in Portland, and the ever present job search and scholarship hunt, wealth is very much welcome here. I repeat, very welcome. So if any kind Mr. Warbucks out there are reading this, take note that I have a pillow on my fridge! It’s worth a shot, right?



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