Happy National Cellophane Tape Day!



Today we celebrate the thing that keeps our lives together! Glue is too sloppy and staples are too finicky – tape is the ultimate master. And as much as you can fix anything with duct tape, cellophane tape (or Scotch tape, as the brand has re-taught us), is pretty much just as spectacular.


But enough about tape! Yes, enjoy the picture to the left… It’s a keeper! Quick update on my life: It’s been a wonderful day! Absolutely wonderful and I’ve loved this long weekend with my family, and of course my lovey, but I’m even more excited for the final stretch! Tomorrow morning I’m headed back up bright and early for classes and a practice recital and it’s already week 9. Can you believe that I’ve been graduated out of the public school system for almost a year and we’re half-way through our long distance experiment!? Life is really looking up and I can’t wait to be done with my freshman year of collleeegggeee!

As always, celebrate because every day is a holiday (I haven’t said that in a while)! And it’s also Prayer for Peace Memorial day so let’s appreciate our freedom and send up our love.


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