Happy National Nerd Pride Day!



First off, it’s National Towel Day! As one of the most used and least appreciated items in our little worlds, it deserves a little recognition. Supposedly they were invented way way way long ago in Turkey, but I’m pretty sure that God gave the idea to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden as a necessity. They may not have needed clothes, but everyone needs a towel.


nerdNow, even more importantly, is that’s possible – it’s National Nerd Pride Day! No, I’m not wearing the wide rimmed glasses, suspenders, or pocket protectors; I’m just being me, and that’s nerdy enough for sure. Margaret Mead said, “Always remember that you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else.” 15 nerdy facts about me:

1. I play the oboe…

2. Thus, I talk about reeds a lot ; )

3. I also love to discuss school more than I should

4. I hate to eat the last bite of my sandwiches

5. I prefer Cake Boss to Cupcake Wars, although I appreciate both

6. The Game Show Network is always on in my house, especially if Family Feud is playing

7. I paint my nails weekly as a hobby

8. I read my bible every night

9. I’ve only gotten one B in my life, and it was on a Middle School progress report

10. In 5th grade I did 6 animal research projects, 5 of which were just for fun

11. My most recent exciting trip was driving to see all of the historic covered bridges in the area with my buddy Lindsey

12. I would wear sweaters every single day if I could

13. I own 13 pairs of converse

14. To top off my daily sweater, converse, and jean outfit I have more than 30 scarves

15. I have been Hilary Duff’s number 1 fan since 4th grade and I still know all of the words – no shame

Be proud of your unique characteristics and don’t shy away from things you enjoy just because it doesn’t conform to the crowd. How could we enjoy syncopation if no one is a little offbeat?



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