Happy National Brother’s Day!

brothers day


Interesting fact about me – I have a twin brother! And while most people are genuinely excited to hear this tidbit I have to admit, it’s not that fantastic, or terrible, it’s just like having any other siblings! There are always the ups and downs…

Up: I’ve always had someone in the same place in life. Sure we are two of the most different people on the planet, but there’s something that only a 9 year old can understand by also being 9.

Down: Sharing Christmas presents… When Conner asks for a dirt bike and a PS2 for Christmas and then you both receive one dirt bike and one PS2 to share, it can get a little hairy. Also, the collective Magic Bullet that we received the year before we parted ways for college may not have been totally thought through, but luckily I got to take it when I moved. ; )

It was really nice being able to see him tonight, if even for a quick minute, and hear a little bit about how life is going for him since we’ve chosen slightly different paths. One thing I’ve learned especially clearly with my brother growing up by my side is that what works for one might not work for the other. Sometimes it’s hard to not compare us while we live parallel timelines, but we’re judged on totally different scales and we are two very different people, even if we started at the same time. It’s been rough over the years and at times I’ve wanted to kill him, but he’s my brother and I’ll always love him.

heat awarenessAnother interesting, and completely incorrect holiday to celebrate today is National Heat Awareness Day. Surely across the country there are some poor souls fanning themselves in pools of sweat, but I assure you that the Willamette Valley is not that place! … Unless I get slightly overheated in my long sleeve, sweater, jacket, and furry boots!


P.s. And to answer the obvious concurrent question, yes I’m the older twin, can’t you tell? : )


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