Happy World Turtle Day!



I know I promised National Taffy Day, which I assure you it still is, but I won’t be taking part in its celebration today. Due to this incredibly unfortunate turn of weather from sweet, summery bliss to depressing, miserable winter I just am unwilling to run through the tempest to the grocery store! Not even a virtual relationship with strangers, and some friends, is enough to convince me that I should put on real clothes again, get out of my snuggly blanket, and become sopping wet in the search of – what? Taffy? No thank you!

And so, I am forced to break my own ‘rule’. So far I’ve managed to take a picture of everything myself as legitimate proof, even if it’s a bit of a cop-out, but today I cannot, or will not in the case of the taffy.

Meet Speedy the Turtle! Emily, his owner and my very dear friend, will assure you that he is a tortoise, but for the sake of my sanity on this day of holidays, assure you that he is a turtle. Yes, this is in fact Speedy. No, this is not my personal encounter with him today. : / I do love the little bugger though! He’s fun to play with because you never really have to worry about him getting away. If you lost a turtle, you’d have to be not paying attention for quite a while… If you have a turtle laying around or live in some fortunate place where they live naturally, enjoy them! Today is their day, all around the world!




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