Happy National I Need a Patch For That Day!

patch for that


Regrets for the late post again today, I’ve been busy running around all day rehearsing and going to class and doing all the millions of other things that stack themselves up on top of each other! Today brings back some interesting memories… Girl Scouts. Some girls had really great experiences with the program, made friends, learned how to camp, and sold some cookies, but it really was not my thing. It wasn’t as bad as toddler ballet, which I was kicked out of, but it was close.

I think when I finished my year I had received maybe 2 patches? One was the complimentary ‘You’re a girl scout now!’ nonsense patch and I think maybe I got one for selling the most cookies? I was a bit of a master salesman, if I remember correctly. However, if I had been allowed to join my brother’s cub scout troop I would have killed all of those patches. I used to go and sit through their meetings and do some of the activities with them and I was the best boy scout there! They actually did fun stuff like make derby cars, learn knots, and run the mile whereas my troop was discussing cookie sales strategies, singing circle songs, and talking about our days at school. Stupid gender exclusive clubs, they ruined my childhood! After I failed out of girl scouts I was forced onto basketball and volleyball and that was a five year disaster…

Well, today we’ve created new, fond memories instead! Today I played in my first recital, possibly ever? It wasn’t my recital, but the piece was written for me and it was a good experience. Sure, there was the usual sweaty palms and ‘oh goodness my reed is dry!’ sort of drama, but it was a really fun piece to play and I’m really looking forward to another one to be composed for me next spring! So I made myself a patch for the paper version of my hideous, ill-fitting brownie vest. I hope that someone out there had a good experience with girl scouts, and when you get a chance to read this and you do something you’re proud of, make yourself a patch for it! A little token to remember a success doesn’t need a national day, but luckily for me it does. : )



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