Happy National Neighbor Day!



This is not a happy holiday and I refuse to support this! My neighbors are horribly annoying and it’s just my luck that my bed is on their wall instead of our quiet neighbors on the other side… I would get a legitimate picture of them, not just their door, but I’m pretty sure each party equally detests the other. No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night to boys screaming expletives at each other and a tv screen while they play video games. Even worse is when you can’t get to sleep because you can hear every lame attempt at a flirty line and these silly girls giggling and playing along. You might think that I’m evesdropping but I’m not. It’s just inevitable-  and annoying.

Sure, they probably don’t like me either… Because after an hour of tossing and turning and covering my head with a pillow I get fed up and pound on the wall telling them to shut up. Yes, I’ve gone to their door and asked politely but it has the same effect (which is very little). Sometimes they wake me up in the middle of the night and I instinctively pound the wall before I’m awake enough to realize what I’m doing. I’m a girl who needs sleep, lots and lots of sleep, and apparently they don’t.

If you have good neighbors, bring them some cookies and tell them how grateful you are that they don’t bother you. And if you cannot wait to move away from your neighbors, like me, give them a piece of your mind because it’s a holiday!



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One response to “Happy National Neighbor Day!

  1. Mom

    I know these temporary neighbors are annoying but remember your fabulous home neighbors, VanDykes, Steve & Diane, and Roxie. Be thankful that they would do anything for you. Also remember your Biblical neighbor who is anyone who crosses your path. Love each one of them. Even the annoying ones and enjoy your holiday. I love my daughter neighbor who will be home soon.

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