Happy National Pizza Party Day!

pizza party


“Did you get pizza?” “No…?” “Well then it’s not a party!” What is the point of National Pizza Party Day when your Albany friends aren’t in Portland, your Portland friends are in Albany, and your remaining buddy doesn’t even get pizza for dinner!?

Granted, it was Carnival Day in the good ol’ chow house tonight (don’t ask me why) so there were balloon animals being sculpted, funnel cakes being fried, and scary clown music being played; so technically it was a party? And I did have pizza. Does that word math add up to a pizza party? I would say so! I had high hopes for this holiday but I was missing the ‘party’ part to truly celebrate and do it right.

In other news, happy birthday Norway! Although it’s not an American National Holiday, we can support our other national friends. It was also Bike to Work day but I couldn’t really do that one either, sorry for the massive let down! I did, however, walk the 6 minute distance to classes a couple times today, and if I had a bike up here in my temporary residence, I would have gladly taken it out for this momentous occasion! Did you bike to work today, write Norway a birthday card, or have a pizza party? Comment to show your National Holiday pride and show me up!




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2 responses to “Happy National Pizza Party Day!

  1. Julie (mom)

    I had pasta, rotisserie chicken with pine nuts and pesto. That trumps pizza any day.

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