Happy National Biographer’s Day!



Today is also National Sea Monkey Day but considering I don’t have access to those, I shall play the role of biographer instead! Nick, this is a reader. Reader, this is my friend Nick.

Nick was born in Portland 19 years ago, lived in Rainier, OR for his whole childhood, and is now back in town at Portland State. He started on the clarinet, but now he’s known as ‘Nick Bassoon,’ as not to confuse him with ‘Nick Oboe’. His favorite color is dark green, his favorite number is 555,555 because it’s fun to say in German, and his favorite tv show is Parks and Recreation. Although he’s never had an ‘official’ place of employment, we all know that you’ll see his name in music down the road when you’re playing his compositions! In addition to being a musician, he also enjoys math! And I know that you’re wondering about his mother’s maiden name, and I can tell you it starts with a B. : )

Enough biography time for today! It’s time for the Office and I cannot believe it’s over! It’s been great. Jim and Pam forever. Michael Scott is the World’s Best Boss. Bears, Beets, Battle Star Galactica.



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  1. Julie (mom)

    Hmmm. Interesting

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