Happy National Chocolate Chip Day!

choc chip


Today is a good one to celebrate, and very practical too! You can find chocolate chips, in a melted form perhaps, in almost every average dessert dish today! Chocolate is as universal as love, and man do I love it. Sure, mint, bacon, and raspberry are higher up on my scale of favorite tastes, but I would say that chocolate ranks at least in the top 10. Do you know the perfect trick to testing a chocolate chip cookie for perfect done-ness? It’s not color, thickness, or size, but rather flexibility. I’m still working out the kinks in my theory but I’ll share it with you all anyway. Keep in mind that it’s a work in progress, and is also not important:

An overdone cookie will remain rigid until the sudden snap! when it explodes into a million pieces and particles of cookie dust that will inevitably settle into your lungs. An underdone cookie will never truly break. Like, it bends forever. And when it does break, there’s no powerful, obvious moment for you to remember for years to come. You lose the drama! Now, with a perfect cookie, you can see the cracks growing and spreading as you bend the cookie apart and the chocolate chips gently take sides in the split and at that perfect moment you realize that the cookie is both whole and two halves at the same time. It’s like the world pauses and you realize that there is good in the world. And then you eat it, and you are happy.

Unfortunately, my cookie was slightly overdone and I didn’t get to have that perfect moment with a perfect chocolate chip cookie, but I have to admit that it still did make my happy. Have some chocolate and get happy yourself!



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One response to “Happy National Chocolate Chip Day!

  1. Julie (mom)

    I celebrated the day but left out the cookie part and just ate the chocolate in bar form. It made me very happy but also a little sickly feeling. Even then, it was worth it. Happy holidays!

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