Happy National Frog Jump Day!

frog jump 4


Back to elementary school PhysEd we go… That’ll be 15 push-ups, 30 crunches, 10 sit-ups, and 5 frog jumps. Those dreaded frog jumps might be the worst torture of the exercise routine. Some kids enjoyed them because their name was the most fun of the group, but I always saw past that cute frog connection… I have always been the lankiest, longest, limb-heavy human being and thus these frog jumps are extra ridiculous for me. The act of crouching down and then springing back up again is so much harder than anyone would expect! After all of that work to manage a squished up, crouching position and then to try to fully extend in a split second… Frogs are built for this nonsense, not I.

I challenge everyone to do at least one frog jump today, just for memory’s sake. Plus, I’m sure if you’re anything like me, you’ll get a little chuckle out of it too. Good thing my roomie has been MIA for the last week so I could jump like a frog in peace, because heaven’s knows, and you now do too, I made a fool out of myself! The things I’ll do for a holiday. ; )




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4 responses to “Happy National Frog Jump Day!

  1. Julie (mom)

    How many pictures and attempts did you have to go to get such a great picture?! Or did you tie yourself to the ceiling and just pretend that you’re jumping? Happy Holidays!

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