Happy National Doodle Day!



Late post for the day but a lovely day to celebrate, especially under my unique circumstances. In honor of mother’s day, seeing my beau, and running some errands in Albany, I took the Amtrak thruway from PDX to ALY like usual. The usually pleasant trip takes 1 hour from my dorm room to my door step but is always longer with stops and picky passengers but today was ridiculous! With a late train connection, traffic congestion, and a poky bus driver the trip took 3 and a half hours from when I left my room!

Luckily for me, it’s National Doodle Day! After writing my French essay and reading a trash magazine I still had so much to spare so I made use of a free page and got to doodling everything I could think of. Sorry, the picture doesn’t translate well, but I assure you that there is a grandfather clock, a banana split, a tie, a tent, a teddy bear, and a sailboat among other miscellaneous things. Ah, the wonders that a good doodle can do for some wasted time! Grab a pen, grab some paper, and doodle the evening away!



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