Happy National School Nurse Day!

school nurse


I spent most of my public school years in the times after school nurses, when we couldn’t afford our teachers and much less a resident health care professional. So as much as I wish I could have had that cliché television experience of going to the nurse to lay down and fake an ailment, I don’t recall having any such memory. And now that I’m at PSU we do technically have a health center but according to my friends, any time that they have an emergency or life threatening illness at an inconvenient time, say 6 PM on a Friday, the Health Center is closed and can offer no support.

As lucky as I am to have good health almost all of the time and to rarely fall ill, my handy-dandy first aid kit has been a lifesaver. This is one of the best gifts I got from graduation and without the thoughtfulness of a family friend I probably would have forgotten these simple things that I use more than I would think. Aspirin, Tums, band aids, and cough-drops are the only things I need in addition to my daily vitamins! Everyone stay healthy and if there isn’t a school nurse close by, improvise!



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