Happy National No Socks Day!

no socks


You may notice a slight misunderstanding between the title and the picture and that is because I absolutely refuse to celebrate today! If I’m not wearing socks and shoes, my feet feel dirty, cold, and frankly very unhappy with me for their state of undress. The other day when it was actually nearing hot  outside I attempted to wear sandals and could only handle that terrible suffering for a couple of hours. For all of you free spirits out there, today is your day, but my feet will remain comfortable in their rightful socked places.

On another, completely unrelated note, today is both National Receptionist’s days and Donate a Day’s Wages to Charity Day. So shout out to all of you wonderful men and women answering phones and sorting mail. Without you, any office would be in shambles! And as for Donation Day, I will donate my entire day’s wages of $0 to the Red Cross (who is also celebrated today). I’m terribly sorry that my donation could not be a larger amount but considering that I currently have no income except the occasional tutoring session, that will have to do. To all of the other functioning adults working for wages, be selfless today and give a donation. Someone out there needs it more than you do!



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One response to “Happy National No Socks Day!

  1. Julie (mom)

    I saw the title and completely thought the same thing!! I’m a dock wearer thru and thru!

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