Happy National No Diet Day!

no diet day


I’m a little luckier than most for this holiday because I don’t often (ever, really) restrict myself to a diet… But I have to admit that I today I’ve enjoyed the freedom to grab that bowl of icecream and rice krispy treat 100% guilt free! Okay, even that second rice krispy too… still guilt free. One perk of the dining hall is that I always have the choice to eat healthy or not, although that is most often dictated by the choices available as being edible or not. Today I didn’t focus on what was healthy, just what I wanted. And as long as my gold-star, A+, best friend metabolism keeps up with me, National No Diet Day will continue to be just another day. Partnering with this is National No Homework Day which luckily works out perfect for me with nothing on my to-do list! Sure, I practiced like usual, but I’ll count that as just for fun. Here I come Netflix!

melanoma mondayOn another note, it’s National Melanoma Monday to raise awareness for skin cancer prevention. Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans are estimated to get skin cancer in their lifetime? As a golden haired, freckle-shouldered, painfully white girl, the risk of skin cancer is something that I have to worry about and live with on a (summer’s) daily basis. I think we need to redefine beauty in our society to support our health above all else. Healthy skin, not a dark tan, is beautiful. We, as women, have worked hard to appreciate and support different body types and shapes for their unique beauty and it’s time that we support different skin types as beautiful too! I’ve learned that carrying sunscreen in my purse, sitting in the shade, and avoiding tanning beds is by far, and without a doubt, more important than risking skin cancer. I encourage other people to  learn the same lessons and stand up to the stereotypes!

Finally, I want to let my readers know that I’ve found a different, more trustworthy, source for my National Days Calendar and I apologize for any holidays that may not have been legitimate, or on the wrong day. And you may have noticed, if you’re very into the holiday scene, that I don’t celebrate every holiday because some days there are too many to mention them all; sometimes that is intentional. But ultimately, the point of this little experiment is to celebrate something every day, whatever it is, because there’s always something worth celebrating. : )



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  1. Mom

    Great job! I look forward to reading these and have encouraged several of my friends to look you up. You do such a great job and I just love the daily fun pictures!! Keep up the great work. Btw. I tried to eat healthy as always.

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