Happy National Hoagie Day!



It’s hoagie day but I disagree in its importance as a legitimate holiday because who likes hoagies anymore anyway!? In my opinion, the hoagie fad passed when the Hoagie Haven in Albany, Oregon closed its doors back in, like 2004. Since then, I have not heard one mention of a hoagie sandwich, and even back then it’s not like the place had booming business. So instead I offer bagel day. : ) As the fine sandwich chef that I am, I offer to you the recipe of Carrie’s Not so Average, Average Ingredient Sandwich:

1 toasted bagel (regular or artisan cheese), 1/2 avocado, 7 slices of turkey, cream cheese, (generously applied), hot mustard (made by my Aunt Denice because none other can compare).

With a side of fresh raspberries and lemonade … yummmmm. So forget hoagie day, I’m revising it. May 5 is now National Bagel Day*.



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