Happy National Candied Orange Peel Day!

candied orange 4


I had a lot of fun with today’s holiday! On a Saturday with only a million loads of laundry, some trivial tasks, and the closing opera performance tonight, I found that today is actually pretty free! I first intended to just cop-out and get some candied orange peels to snack on from the Safeway baking aisle but apparently people don’t make fruit cakes year-round or candying your own orange peels has become the hip thing. Either way, I was out of an easy solution so I decided to go on a little kitchen adventure on my own and celebrate for real!

First step: get an orange and cut up the peel into strips. That wasn’t too hard considering I was already at the grocery store and own a knife… Then you blanche the peels two times before you’re ready to candy them for real. Although I’ve learned about ‘blanching’ in Foods I I’m not sure I’ve actually ever used the technique, nor am I certain that it actually did anything except take up some time. Especially considering how long it takes for my tiny dorm stove to heat water to boiling! After that prep nonsense, I added 3/4 cup of sugar with about 1/2 cup of water, got it to simmer, and then added the peels. Then for the waiting game : ) I had a lovely little snack on the rest of the orange, turned on Netflix, and shook around the peels every once in a while to make sure they were all simmering evenly. After about 45 minutes to an hour, although I forgot to actually check the time, I drained the syrup (to keep for later in iced tea), spread out the peels to dry, and tossed a little (too much) sugar on top.

For someone who does not feel incredibly comfortable in a kitchen and rarely succeeds at cooking endeavors, this turned out surprisingly well! The peels, I think, are perfectly done! I would say they’re almost exactly the same texture as store-bought candy gummies and although the sugar on the outside makes them a little sweeter than desirable, they have a warm spiciness to them that makes a lovely little treat. For any Portland readers out there curious to try one I have some leftovers! I’m glad every day is a holiday because celebrating is fun!


candied orange 1candied orange 3candied orange 2



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