Happy National Lumpy Rug Day!

lumpy rug


On a warm, summer-esque day like today it’s all about spring cleaning, both metaphorically and physically. Clean off the dark, winter grime, fluff the pillows, and beat that lumpy old rug back into shape! It’s time freshen up our lives and get everything in order again now that the sun is shining enough to convince us all to get our lazy bums off the couch. Now for the metaphorical side: we need to stop sweeping things under the rug and ignoring the obvious. It’s like when little kids toss their toys under the rug and try to pass off a clean room to their parents… Those hidden toys translate to real life problems and they can only stay under that lumpy rug for so long before they have to be dealt with. Plus, it’s more obvious than we allow ourselves to believe. I mean, look at that rug right there and you know there’s something hidden… and not so well.

Today let’s freshen up and deal with our problems, because today is a holiday worth celebrating!



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