Happy National Fire Day!



You wouldn’t believe how stinking hard it is to find an open flame around here! Apartments all around the world survive for years, decades, even centuries with fire held carefully inside so why would a dorm room be so much more flammable? No candles allowed, an electric stovetop, and all of my friends are non-smokers… Why is such a normal thing so hard to find!? So instead, I will sit back and cozy up to my 1 Hour Burning Logs in Fireplace (in HD). Ahhh the comforts of home : )

If it’s cold outside tonight cozy up by a real fire with some friends and roast s’mores. If it’s warm outside, like it is here today, forget this one little holiday and go outside and enjoy the spring weather that has so graciously been sent our way!



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One response to “Happy National Fire Day!

  1. Julie (mom)

    I totally agree that something that was historically common in every building and with hundreds ot thousands of lighted candles and lanterns burning openly in theaters, today it’s completely ‘unreasonable’ to have even 1 lighted candle in a dorm. I think it might be because it was so common that people actually remembered to blow them out where we cannot seem to remember to distinguish them these days! Although I imagine Mrs Murphy’s cow would have preferred incandescent light bulbs on that faithful night when she kicked and caused Chicago to burn!! Now that was an open flame!

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