Happy National Interpreter Appreciation Day!



Although music has stolen my heart and I’ve always wanted to be a band director, French is my secret lover. I think there is so much to be learned by acquiring different means of expression and it’s so exciting to see growth in a language and be able to use and appreciate it in so many different mediums. If I could do everything that I want in life, I would move to the South of France, play my oboe professionally, teach music in a private school, and work as an interpreter on the side. Ah, that would be the life. My dog eared, slightly abused, Oxford dictionary is helping me to get there some day!

Any real interpreters out there living the dream and fostering communication around the world? Comment with your story if you’re reading this. In addition to this rather recently added holiday (shoutout to Lindsey for passing it along to me!), it’s also National Save the Rhino day and Mother Goose Day. And Happy May Day everyone!



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