Happy National Honesty Day!




We celebrated National Tell a Lie day earlier in April when this project was just getting started so it’s probably a good idea to celebrate the opposite as well. Today I’m going to try to be 100% honest in everything I do. No white lies, no exaggeration, no sarcastic twists of the truth, none of that! And I think it might be a little more difficult than I would expect… I think that I’m a pretty honest person and my conscience doesn’t allow myself to get too carried away, but I do often stretch stories just a hair. The funny thing about that, is that I will tell a story, which by the time I finish is not even close to the truth, and then as soon as I finish I admit to my audience that that was definitely not reality and then I re-tell it the way it actually happened. It seems so silly that I’ve gotten into this habit because I never leave it in a lie, I always go back and fix it, but very often my stories do end in lies, if only for a moment before the truth intervenes.

So today I hope that no one asks me anything that I’ll be forced to answer oh-so honestly. I’ll just keep my head down and pray that I don’t offend anyone! I think there’s a little goodness in self-preservation through lies. Well, not lies, just not necessarily the truth. I don’t think everyone needs to know everything all the time, but if they ask today… I’m going to have to tell them! Happy celebration everybody!



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