Happy National Tell a Story Day!

tell a story


My favorite part of music is the ability to tell a story and convey emotion without words. A faculty member at PSU is teased relentlessly among the music students for his “tell a story, be an artist” motto that he shares constantly, but really, he’s right! In order for a musician to truly connect to their audience, something has to be shared and received. I just got a composition today that a student here has written for me to play at their spring recital and the fun thing about this piece is that it literally tells a story! We had a lot of fun collaborating on the direction of the composition and decided that a Grimm Fairytale would be interesting. The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces  for Oboe and Spoken Voice will tell the story in two ways at once – through music and words at the same time. How fun!? I’m very much looking forward to exploring this piece even more and am so glad that Jenn loved the oboe sound enough to write a solo suite – good choice! : )

Tell a story today, through music, art, writing, poetry, film, sculpture, architecture, mime, food, whatever! If you have something to share there’s always a means to do so! Happy holidays everyone!




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  1. Julie (mom)

    That was beautiful! Thank you for sharing

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