Happy National Pretzel Day!



It’s Fridaaay! And what a week it has been… Opera rehearsals every night, French compositions stacked up, oboe trio performance yesterday. I’m ready for a little break! The sun is shining in Ptown and it’s actually warm enough to break out the shorts; hallelujah. : ) I hope that everyone else has had a rewarding week and a pleasant weekend coming up.

Today is pretzel day and this is one that’s easier to celebrate! I don’t know how they do it, but Snyder’s of Hanover is the king of the pretzel market. It even says that they’re America’s Pretzel Bakery since 1909. Here’s some fun pretzel trivia:

Did you know that over $1 billion of pretzels are sold annually in the US?

National Pretzel Day was founded in 1983.

The average US citizen consumes 2 lbs of pretzels each year!

A monk invented pretzels to reward children for saying their prayers. The twist is said to represent arms folded in prayer.

87.5 million lbs of wheat flour are used annually at Snyder’s of Hanover in Pennsylvania (that’s the weight of 5,833 male African elephants!)

Look at the word pretzel for a long time, really notice all of the letters, and notice how ridiculous the word is! Then appreciate the English language, pop one in your mouth for a snack, and celebrate : )




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