Happy National Read Me Day!

read me


Today’s the day that books are vying for our attention; peeking out of desk drawers, making their way into our thoughts, and wafting their ‘old book’ smell our way. The book pictured here is a French novel that I found at the bottom of a heap in my town’s over crowded, rarely explored, dusty, dark, and surprisingly magical Book Bin. Under the Sun of Satan is a little difficult to get into because I have no idea what it’s about! It was simply a book that I picked up because I love reading the language but I can’t find much of any information about the story-line so all of the background information, flashbacks, and character development at the beginning becomes a little muddled.

It’s interesting how priorities and hobbies change over time, granted I’ve only had 18 years to witness this personal development. I used to be a huge reader. I mean, huge bookie. I set all of the Accelerated Reading records at my elementary school, was best friends with the librarian, and would finish all of my classwork early so I could go to the library to get more books. I think that my childhood reading frenzy is still with me, just in an evolved way. Rather than crack open a novel, I’m eager to read the academic works for class or read new oboe literature; the love of learning is still there, but it’s grown up with me.

Will you answer the cries of your books today? Participate in the poll!



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