Happy National Look-Alike Day!

look alik


Today is the day of doppelgangers, twins, celebrity matches, and clones! Fun fact: I’m actually a twin! Less fun fact: he and I look nothing alike. So in the spirit of the holiday, and in attempt to find my visual twin, I found a sketchy internet site and received some interesting results… Why am I 94% compatible with a man? Someone please reassure my femininity and tell me this isn’t true! And what’s worse, that’s not the only man on the list! Oh goodness.

I say, because I am less than thrilled with my look-alikes, we should embrace our unique beauty and focus on loving ourselves, not finding a ‘perfect celebrity’ to compare ourselves with. You’re beautiful just for being yourself! And although Jason Statham and Fred Durst are handsome in their own respects, I’m perfectly happy not to look exactly like them. : )



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One response to “Happy National Look-Alike Day!

  1. Julie (mom)

    As the mother of the above mentioned twins, I think they look a lot alike. But the thing that makes them appear the mist different is their unique personalities. The fact that one is a boy and one’s a girl also plays a bit into the scenario I think. You are beautiful!!!

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