Happy National Stress Awareness Day!

stress awareness


Welcome to my weekly schedule… If you’re a perfectionist music major taking 19 credits you’ll end up in this situation. Stress should be my middle name, but I have a secret to share: I’m very rarely actually stressed out!

Because I’m aware of my stress-levels and work load (and because I’ve been doing this since I was in kindergarten) I know exactly where my breaking point is and I am proactive in not ever letting it go that far, to the point of meltdown. ‘Get it done quick’ is my life motto and for the things that I can’t check off fast, like the opera performances coming up soon, I just clear everything around it. It’s all about moderation, surrounding circumstances, and attitude.

Most important, I would say is attitude. Realize your limits, know what’s really important, and don’t let yourself break down. I’ve discovered over the years that there is a great difference between stress release and emotional meltdown. There can be surprising re invigoration with a good cry and life evaluation, but when one reaches the point of absolute, catastrophic self-pity and sorrow the battle has been lost. Learning those differences can be difficult but I believe that discovering this early on has allowed me to stretch myself and accomplish great things.

In conclusion, be aware of stress but don’t succumb to it. Today is also National Eggs Benedict Day but because I didn’t have any of the materials and was swamped in other, frankly more important, aspects of my life I changed the game plan instead. Re-evaluation is key, and board games with friends was definitely the winner of my evening, not this blog. : ) I hope that everyone had stress in their day but wasn’t overwhelmed by it! Stay strong.



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  1. Julie (mom)

    Excellent thoughts. I had this very talk with a dear colleague today. Stress is making her sick and she has been told by her dr that she has to make some life changes. Swimming has helped me deal with stress. You are also sweet release!

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