Happy National Pecan Day!



Welcome to the day of celebration of the only major nut tree to grow naturally in North America! I’m not a nut girl, but the pecan (or pecan, if you prefer the latter pronunciation) is one of the better options, primarily thanks to its pie form. So enjoy those little nutrient dense, cholesterol lowing, heart healthy, antioxidant filled nuggets of joy.

On another, completely unrelated note, how unfortunate to work really hard for something and get your hopes up for an opportunity and then have to just let it go when it doesn’t quite work out… There’s always other chances and other jobs that are really God’s fit for me but sometimes it’s hard to remember that. Being super impressive is a big task now a-days with so much competition. I just have to remember that I am impressive to those who are the most important in my life. From the wise words of Papa Welsh, “Keep your chin up, but not out.”





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One response to “Happy National Pecan Day!

  1. LeAnn

    I think you are very impressive!!! Stay possitive and be patient-your time will come!

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