Happy National Look Up At the Sky Day!

look at the sky


The sky sure didn’t work with me today! There was nothing to look up at! Just a consistently covered gray sky with nothing interesting at all… BUT you take what you can get and you work with it just the same.

The student theatre played a horrible (horrrrrible), sickening film about the Mexican drug war… That is something you don’t ‘work with just the same’. And you definitely wise up sooner than I and don’t make yourself sit through to the end! This is totally a tangent, but someone please teach me how to judge movies faster! I mean, at the beginning you think ‘oh this is horrible but I don’t really know the plot yet’ and then in the middle you think ‘how am I still watching this!? But there must be something to redeem it’ and then at the end when you’re about to vomit and cannot handle the travesty any longer you think ‘but I’ve already wasted 2 hours of my life.’ If anyone is so wise, teach me. And teach me quick.

Celebrate, every day is a holiday… blablabla… More importantly: never watch Miss Baja. Don’t do it.




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