Happy National Eight Track Tape Day!

eight track tape


I’m sure you can tell that my picture is not authentic and that is because these don’t exist anymore! Granted I didn’t have any time today to do a thorough city-wide search… So I shall improvise and speak on this metaphorically! The eight track tape is like the mp3 player for my age group. It was there, everyone wanted one, most everyone had one, and then one day (very quickly) it was replaced. Sometimes it’s disconcerting to think that so many things pass as ‘fads’ in our lifetime. Sure, some things come back like tie-dye and crop-tops, but a lot of things don’t. And often, even their memory isn’t passed on, like the eight track tape (which I had to Google)! Today has made me really evaluate where I place my time and energy in life – in things that are classic and will secure my future and be with me for a long time or in things that pass and will just be ‘fun while it lasted’?

If you’re an old enough pack-rat to have an eight track tape and player, hook that baby up and turn on those jams (?). If you’re like me and this just isn’t feasible then celebrate a little more symbolically. Enjoy the fads and trends and take part in what makes ‘our time’ unique, but don’t get caught up in the shine of these new things: they dull over time and only the truly important things, and people, hold their value. Celebrate, every day is a holiday.


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