Happy National Winston Churchill Day!

free cone


Today has 2 national holidays and one very sweet surprise! First off, it’s National Winston Churchill day and I really like that guy! I’ve heard many quirky bits about his character and diplomatic dinner parties and he’s probably one of the names you actually remembered from High School history. Next, it’s Name Yourself day and I have come to the decision that I wouldn’t name myself anything different! Sure I get Scary Carrie, and Harry, and Larry, and ‘Carrie can you carry this?’ but CareBear makes it all worth it. And in all of Portland I’ve only met one other name-twin. By coincidence, she’s also Carrie B!

But… *drumroll* … The best, newly discovered holiday is Free Cone Day! Ben and Jerry’s gave out FREE ICECREAM and man did I jump on that! If any Portland State-rs are reading this, go by the Urban Plaza to celebrate and get some love in a cone! Thank goodness every day is a holiday!

Winston Churchill


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  1. Ashley Buchert

    I have come to really enjoy catching up on your blog at the end of my long school days, I love having a few good chuckles to look forward to! Also, I really appreciate the FB link, because my holds-nothing brain (Thanks Mom) would never remember how to find it without! Thank You, Great Job!

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